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Membership Rates  

Applications for membership to Loutre Shore Country Club are available upon request.  A membership includes a spouse and children up to the age of 21 or while in an institution of higher leaning.  An initiation fee is required with the application and the first years dues must be paid in full at the time of acceptance by the Board of Directors.  A newsletter along with bills are sent out each month.  Members may charge liquor, food, beverage and pro shop goods and be billed monthly.  

Membership                   $865.00 per year (includes tax)

Initiation fee                   $150 one time fee (may be waived)

Cart on Demand             $450 per year

Cart Space                      $150 per year

Social Membership         $150 (non golfing)

Corporate Membership   $500 for 32 plays

Club Activities and Socials:  A variety of activities are offered throughout the year for members. Sign up sheets for all club activities are posted in the club house.  Activities are also published in the monthly newsletter.  Socials include:  Steak night every third Wednesday of the month, Club golf tournaments, Christmas party and others held throughout the year.  

Please see below if you would like to apply to become a member of the Loutre Shore Country Club.

Membership Application

Printed Version:  If you would like a printed version of our Membership Application, please click here.  Once your application is completed, please mail it to Loutre Shore Country Club at 1231 Hwy 19, Hermann, MO 65041 or stop by today for a visit.  Call 573-486-5815 with any questions. 

Please click here for a Corporate Membership Application.  

Please click here for a Social Member Form.

Apply Online:  If you would like to apply online, please sign up below to become a member of the Loutre Shore Country Club.  Please see above for full information regarding a membership.  Sign up today!

Membership Renewal

Current members, please click here for a Membership Renewal form for 2019.

Please note:  Loutre Shore Country Club is using email as its main form of communication.  We can send notices, Newsletters and statements.  We will continue to use mailings to those members that choose the mail option.  Please fill out the following contact information sheet with your Membership Renewal.  Contact Information

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